Satellite Phone vs Mobile Phones

Exploration Office connectivity

Mobile phones or cellular digital technology provides an important communication link between office headquarters and personnel sent to the field. For companies heavily invested in exploration and mining, mobile communication technologies are as important as food and water. A cell phone is an efficient mobile communication device because it is built around the concept of low-power transmitters and therefore the construction of transmission towers all over a city enables telecom networks to send signals without interference. However, there are many places around the world where you cannot use your mobile phones. In these locations your success is dependent on satellite phones.

Cellular technology works great in populated areas where telecom companies like Verizon and AT&T can maximize their investments. However, exploration teams and work crews assigned to mining and construction jobs in uncharted territories cannot rely on cell phones. They will need a satellite phone that utilizes satellite communication.

Exploration, Office Connectivity

Most mining firms use a combination of satellite-based network and a cellular based network. Whenever cellular networks are unavailable the backup system is the satellite phone that the company personnel can use to communicate with mining exploration teams that are usually sent to locations that have little human activity.

Office connectivity using satellite communication is possible when communication experts help the company establish a system of communication networks wherein satellite phones can connect to handheld computers.

In a typical scenario, a communication officer from office headquarters will encode the message into the computer. From this computer, data is transmitted to a satellite orbiting the Earth, and then the data is beamed down to a satellite phone used by the exploration team. Finally, data is transmitted from the sat phone to the handheld computer used by the members of the exploration team.

There is no need to wait for a few minutes to receive instructions from head office. Transmission time is completed within 250 milliseconds. If your company is interested in setting up an omnipresent communication system look for an outside vendor that provides international satellite communications. Check out for more details.

A few decades ago this type of mobile communication was an impossible dream. In 1957 the first satellite was launched into space and for a long time satellite technology was limited to military use. In the present time however, close to a thousand satellites are orbiting the planet. Using complex mathematical calculations these satellites stay in orbit and not crash into one another.


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